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Thread: Upcoming Events in 2010

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    Upcoming Events in 2010

    Kansas City Pet Expo- April 17th and 18th, 2010, Kansas City MO. This is our 5th or 6th appearance at the event, and a great opportunity for us to show thousands of people why we love our hedgehogs. More info on event can be found at

    Mid-Atlantic Hedgehog Show- June 19th, 2010, Bel Air MD. Non-handled type show, Stasi Kanyuck is show organizer. Lots of games and other activities planned also! More info can be found at

    Hedgehog Fest 2010- October TBA, Walpole MA. Show, games, events, more! Kelly Sosik-Hamor is organizer. More info at

    These events are seeking sponsors, let us know if you can help!
    Connecticut Hedgehogs
    A USDA licensed African pygmy hedgehog breeder located in CT. We serve the tri-state area of CT, New York State and NJ as well as Western MA (and anywhere else you happen to be) Visit our website for more information

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    Re:Upcoming Events in 2010


    I haven\'t seen an expo about.. Anything except dogs in here!

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