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Thread: Hedgehog World Fundraiser Stuffed Hedgehog

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    Hedgehog World Fundraiser Stuffed Hedgehog

    100% Hedgehog World Fundraiser

    Instead of just writing out a check to support one of the MANY events going on around Hedgehog World, I decided to offer these stuffed Hedgehogs for sale with 100% of the sales going towards Hedgehog World.

    We need to remember that these events are not free to host and many people not only donate their time, but many have out of pocket expenses. Lets help out and make these events better each year!

    I have green, bule and orange. Each hedgie is $6.00 with free shipping. Again, all is being donated back to the site. They are about 9\" long.

    This fundraiser is being run by me, myself and I. Any questions should be sent directly to me! I accept paypal and money orders for payment. Plese let me know if you are interested in adopting one of these cute hedgies!

    Hedgehogs in Washington State
    Products for your pet hedgehog including fleece and colorful bucket wheels. Tina

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    Re:Hedgehog World Fundraiser Stuffed Hedgehog

    You rock, Tina! Those are awesome!

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