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Thread: 3.5 y/o male hedgie

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    3.5 y/o male hedgie

    I am really concerned that my hedgie Rufus is not getting the attention he deserves. After buying my first home and working like crazy I just don\'t have the time, like I used to, to interact with him. He\'s generally a good boy, a little cranky when you wake him, and handsome as can be. I want to make sure he goes to someone knowledgeable and someone that has the time for him that I don\'t. I\'m posting here because I have gotten helpful advice from people at HHW and feel that they\'d be best suited to care for him. I\'m not happy about having to make this decision but it\'s in his best interest.

    I live in southern NY and would be willing to travel an hour or two to meet. He would come with an extra large cage (it fits perfectly on a 75 gallon fishtank cabinet stand), 2 food/water dishes, a large hamster ball and a silent spinner wheel. He\'s currently on a diet of mealworms and Iams catfood. If you think you can help, please email me at LancerLS2k3 @ Sorry for having to ask and thank you for considering giving him a new home.


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    Re:3.5 y/o male hedgie

    Hi Andrea-

    If you think the busy-ness is only a temporary thing and you will slow down some, you may just want to hold off for a bit. If he is 3 1/2, he has been with you for a long while and a little less attention from you may be easier for him than a move to a new place. That being said, if you do need a new home for him, you can always contact me via my website below.

    Connecticut Hedgehogs
    A USDA licensed African pygmy hedgehog breeder located in CT. We serve the tri-state area of CT, New York State and NJ as well as Western MA (and anywhere else you happen to be) Visit our website for more information

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