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Thread: Hedgehog Treat/Meal Recipes

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    Well! I for one want to thank you guys for finally reviving thise thread!
    I asked a few times which of these treats would be healthy, and got no responses, so I didn't end up feeding any of them to Samson! I would still like a treat that I can homemake for samson, for the holidays! But since most of these are off the list, I would like to know if anyone has any knowledge on what I can make that includes:.....Mealworms, their pupa, and their beetles?? I breed them and have them coming out the wazoo, and would like to make something where I can mash them all up and make some kinda treat for samson, and my 2 new girls!
    ANY help is appreciated, and again... THANK YOU for reviving this thread ALSOHERE!!!!
    Proud parent of....20 pets!! I have 4 ferrets, 3 hedgies, 3 tortoises, 5 chinchillas, a STO, a Bufo Alvarius, and a Gopher snake, and my 2 dogs .......It's ALWAYS feeding time, for someone in my house!

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    I would do the insectivore delight but leave out the grapes-the recipe should work without them I think
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    Samson you revived it. I just answered your question the best I knew how, and CT confirmed and added to my answer. I am sorry no one answered you sooner.

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