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Thread: Tarantula + Roaches!

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    omg... LOL i love the Tarantula. just got a few myself, and the rhinestones look really cool!!!! i dont know how you did it and im not a fan of roaches but i must say they do look cool with the rhinestones on them!!!!!! if only the palmetto bugs that come in the house and fly at me when its raining out came with rhinestones they might not be so scary!!!! lol

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    I raise Hissers!!! A lot of my customers ask me "okay, now how do we bedazzle them?!" because they saw it on America;s Top Model! Personally, I keep my OWN pets "au naturale" so I haven't glued jewels onto any of them, but I finally stuck instructions on my cockroach website. So if they do it they do it SAFELY and don't use, like, toxic glue. They really are pretty fascinating critters. The adults make entertaining pets... the babies, well, my hedgie, sugar gliders, beardie, and leopard geckos all LOVE them! YUM! (and they are better for them than crickets or mealworms!)
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