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Thread: Pellets VS Cat Litter

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    Quote Originally Posted by PropertyCO View Post
    I got some Yesterday's news, good thing too, cause I found a rock from his cat litter in his peeter
    I use this in Tucker's litter pan - actually it's petsmarts brand which is a few dollars cheaper but exactly the same- and fleece liners for the rest of his cage it has been working great! Ever since I switched to news paper pellets in his litter pan he hasn't gone outside his litter pan or had any accidents outside his cage!

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    I love yesterdays news for the litter box - but have heard of many people also using the pine pellets - both of those are great, non dusty and don't get stuck in privates.
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    CAT LITTER IS NOT SAFE FOR HEDGEHOGS! Whether it is clay or pellet, it has additives and scent and your hedgehog may try to eat it and get sick. Clumping additives and/ or clay can lead to litter clumping up in the stomach or digestive tract and causing a blockage.

    Corn is rough on their feet and could cut them up. It molds quickly and can get stuck in the male no-no spot.

    If you want pellets, you can get a bag of untreated wood pellets at a place like 'Agway' or a farm store. Otherwise, stick with pine, aspen, carefresh, yesterday's news, rabbit pellets (rabbit food), or liners.

    It's better to be safe then pay a costly vet bill or lose your hedgehog due to a blockage.
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    I just read that pine pellets aren't safe for litter pans for them... So much confusing indormation out there....

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    Quote Originally Posted by kcjames View Post
    I just read that pine pellets aren't safe for litter pans for them... So much confusing indormation out there....
    Agreed. I am trying to collect information for when I get my little hedgehog home and have found so many conflicting suggestions.

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    How about the Silica based cat litters? Non-toxic and no dust and no scents? I guess it comes back to the small pieces getting stuck where they shouldn't?

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    I wouldn't use it for the hedgies since the link you had says that obstruction is possible in small animals

    While it is indeed true that it is not meant for consumption, silica gel usually produces only mild stomach upset, which typically resolves with minimal to no treatment. If very large quantities are eaten, however, such as with ingestions of multiple packets or mouthfuls of kitty litter, intestinal obstruction is possible—especially in very small animals.
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    I would like to make a comment about using clumping litter that looks like sand.
    I was a vet tech/surgical asst for 17 years and as such we saw many cats that had colon blockages due to licking their paws and ingesting the sand so I would strongly recommend that you not use that type of product. I am not sure if Hedges lick their paws like cats do but if that be the case you could wind up with the same problem.I am new to Hedges and have a 6mo female that is the worlds grouchest hussy I think there is to date.I have been trying to get her to be nicer by holding her three times a day and just letting her hear my voice and get adjusted to my scent but I have been working on this for over a week now and not making any head way at all. The only thing I can say is she is now litter box trained and did that in two days. whoot whoot,she does not care what is in the litter box but she faithfully goes every night and now cleaning her cage is sooooo much easier.I do a major cleaning every two days and her bedding is black and white news paper no colored paper of any kind. Hope she warms up soon? She also could be pregnant since before I got her she was in with a male for a few weeks?so it is anyones guess at this point in time.I have seen her tummy but no pink nipples standing out yet so still don't know if she is just a permant grouch or growing babies. Any help would be apprecieated.

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    If she was with a male, assume she's pregnant. There's no way to tell with hedgehogs, so just let her be pretty much, and listen for those baby peeps. So you have had her for a bit over a week, and before that she was with a male for three? That would make her due VERY soon.
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    Thanks Stasi.
    She seems to be eating well ,I give her 4or5 meal worms at night along with about 1/2 teaspoon of canned chicken cat food and in the morning the bowl is clean.She also has dry all the time and plenty of fresh water at all times as well. I have a box for her and she stays in it most of the time however I cut the ends out of a cracker box and she will go from her regular one to that one. She is still the biggest grouch I have seen for sure and if she is pregnant then I can well understand after haveing three kids my self many many years ago and felt like I was pregnant forever.And while they were a pain in my rear most times it surley isn't like having quill's poking my Again thanks for all your help and will let you know if and when she delivers.I got her on the 8th of this month so only 8days with me.I will call the pet store owner and find out just how long she was with the male for sure and that should give me a better idea . Later

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