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Thread: Hog blog-hedgehog visitors in the garden

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    Hog blog-hedgehog visitors in the garden

    A blog about all the hedgehogs that visit in a UK garden-I wish we had them here to see. Lots of pictures
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    Ann, I just looked at all of those pictures, they were just amazing. However, I am a sucky mom and remind me of this kids show called "kipper" where he and his friends set up a camera to take hedgehog in the garden pictures. I couldn't imagine life without my little indoor hedgehog friends, but my dream is to see European hedgies, as well as the African varieties, especially the bat eared ones, in their natural environment.
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    I love that blog, my dad is from England and he had all these really cute stories about hedgehogs. He was back over there about 4 years ago working in London and he discovered this hedgehog society that builds mini ladders and places them in bird ponds and pools to save hedgehogs from drowning; pretty sure they also do public education as well. Go hedgehog society!

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