Dear Fellow Hedgehog Owners/Lovers,

Unfortunately I have to do the 2nd most hardest thing a hedgehog owner can do...I have to rehome Wilbur. . This aganizing decision wasn't an easy or quick decision. I had thought about it for many months. Even though I love Wilbur with all my heart, I have to let him go.

I realized I wasn't spending much "Play" time with him, as I should be. I was going the neccessary stuff: feeding,cleaning, bathing etc...but haven't spent a lot of play time.

Wilbur is a 10-11 mth old Algarian Pinto.
I bought him from a breeder in Bayside Long Island on April 9, 2010 when he was only 10.5 weeks old.
He is very friendly, and will unball once you put him on your hand.
He is a cuddler. LOVES to cuddle. He will splatt out when he gets comfortable on your chest. If you are a wearing a jacket or coat he will go under it. .
He doesn't like toys much but LOVES his (comfort) wheel.

I'm asking for a rehoming fee of $350.00 for EVERYTHING! You are getting A LOT of stuff for $350.00. (I can lower it down to $315.00 but that is it).
I will take $200.00 for him + his food (1.5 bags of CHicken Soup ADULT + Kitten), along with his favorite baby blankets.
However I wish to sell everything.

I am located in Northern New Jersey.
IF you are interested in Wilbur (100% Healthy..), please email me at w/ subject line (ReHome Wilbur-Interested).

FYI: He hasn't been used for breeding, nor lived with any other hedgehogs since I brought him home from the breeder.

*Pictures were taken before he went to the Vet. He is very healthy.

(PS: I'm on so this is my post just copied and pasted)


- 110 QT Sterilite Bin
- 3-4 Fleece Liners
- 1 Comfort Wheel
- 1 Waterbottle w/ Holder
- 1-2 food bowls
- 3-4 Snuggle bags
- CHE Light Fixture
- Pink Plastic Igloo
- Temperature gage
- Plastic Ball to Run Around in
- his favorite baby blankets
- travel bag/cage ( ... iers-11339)

*Liners/bags/blankets will come clean.