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Thread: Illinois 1 yr Hedgehog for sale + supplies

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    Illinois 1 yr Hedgehog for sale + supplies

    Sadly Fredrick Needleton the Third didn't fit very well in our hectic lifestyle. So i have been charged with finding him a good home.

    Freddy the hedgehog loves his run-around-ball and enjoys supervised exploration outside. He'll climb all over you, try to make a nest out of your hoodie, and play tug of mealworms with you if you give him the chance.

    He is a standard 1 year old Hedgehog. (Standard just refers to color)

    What will Freddy come with?
    Two kinds of high quality cat food, mixed together to give him the best nutrition. (I researched alot on this topic) Guaranteed to last him 4+ months
    Two Wheels, no squeakiness problems
    Food bowl
    total cost for the supplies above was $70 dollars give or take.

    Freddy's current cage has 4 levels with rails on all stirs and edges so he can't fall off. Stick-on tiles have been placed to keep his delicate feet off the wire and we place fabric over that for easy clean up. It is for sale also. Message me for details and pic.

    Freddy is only $100 total with all his supplies( cage not included). So trust me you will be saving a lot by getting Freddy
    i really just want him to be in a good home.
    (p.s originally buying Freddy and his supplies cost me around $200)

    I'm located in Illinios near Chicago.
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    aww picture doesn't work

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    I reposted the pic-make sure this is the picture you intended to put up. Give this some thought too-we are all busy and you sound like a dedicated hedgehog person. Life may be busy now but things change and you may find the time. Freddy sounds like a great lil hedgie.
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