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Thread: looking for lilac

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    I'd stay ten miles away from a breeder resorting to such obvious marketing tricks.
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    Also, I didn't think the USA would allow any more hedgies to be imported so those hedgies are way out of the question. Plus the Philipines currency is trading at 1 Philippine peso = 0.0229 US dollars. So the pair of hedgies would be a bargain at $91.42 US dollars!!

    Maybe someone needs to contact Ryan N. Dickey and tell him someone in the Phillipines is trying to sell a pair of hedgies using his photos??? Does anyone here know of Atlantis Hedgehogs?
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    From what I understood, hedgies *can* be imported. They just *can't* be imported from countries that are on the list of places where they have hoof and mouth disease. Which is pretty much everywhere our algerian and white bellied hedgies are native to. Apparently it is possible to bring hedgies in from breeders in other places, but I've don't know of anyone who has in the last few years.

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    Does anyone have a picture of the lilac colouring? I've never even heard of it before this post and I'm really curious.
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    The algerian cinnacots that have the lilac hint are very hard to get a really good picture of. I have seen a couple of pictures of hedgehogs with a lilac hint, but they often have lilac fur too, so obviously a color altered picture. The hedgehog I referred to that I would have called an actual lilac would have been extreme case of the algerian cinnacot lilac shade, still had many of the alg. cinnacot characteristics, but the quills truly were above and beyond the cinnacot hint of lilac. Definately something to be watching for, though.

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    I use to work with a vet that raised show persians and the lilac color was in big demand and as far as I have been told by the specialists it is the dilute gene of the chocolate color so sometimes you may say breed a silver which is also a dilute gene to a chocolate you may either come out with a lilac or at best a pinto of both colors ,it takes a long time an dedication to research and develope a certian color as in the lilac.I have seen beautiful lilac point siamese and also whole body lilac persians and they are beautiful to behold.However that is why they are so hard to find as it requires sooooo much time and work. But boy wouldn't they be beautiful.

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