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Thread: Translators needed

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    Translators needed

    If you know a language other than English and are willing to either translate some information or help answer peoples questions as needed, contact us. Thanks
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    I am Russian.
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    I am a Canadian living in Germany. I am pretty good at translating German to English - as I do it regularly for a friends business and website.....the other way is pretty rough but I usually get my point across and my hubby being german can help in the hard parts.

    Just let me know


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    I will be happy to help

    I'm from Denmark so I can translate into danish....

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    Please email us at to talk to us about translating. Thank you!

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    Dutch and German shouldnt be a problem here.My french is way to rusty to translate the gist of things.

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    You could add a wibiya bar? I added one to the bottom of my forum and it's translations have been really good according some overseas friends. Plus there are some cool features on it too, like a chat, facebook thingy, twitter etc.
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    I will have to look into that one some. We have experimented with some online translation programs in the past, and their translations were laughable. Did you know that we aren't hedgehogworld, we are sproketwheelland? That is what one site told us, at least. *shrug* In the mean time, though it is limited and slower, we just hope to add multiple language translations to our FAQs and articles, to at least make progress.

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    I could translate into german.
    But i have not many time, it would take a while.
    And there is more the Problem: I doesnt understand everything but i try the best.

    I do my best even my english isn't good so sorry for mistakes.

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    I could translate in better language. :-)

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