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Thread: Rehome in New Jersey

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    Rehome in New Jersey

    Dear Hedgehog World:
    I have a wonderful 2 yr old albino male hedgehog named caspian who I sadly have to part with because I'm moving for a job and can't take him with me. I'm offering him with his cage, bucket wheel, a year's supply of food, plastic castle and fleece pockets to a good home. Caspian is very calm with me and friendly, but he takes a few interactions to get used to new people. I'm willing to give him to anyone who can provide him with a good home, and i'm not particularly intersted in charging for him.

    email me at:


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    Sorry to hear that you are having to part with your hedgehog, hope you find him a fabulous home!

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    Aww, I'm sorry to hear you have to give up your hedgehog, that must be really hard. It's too bad I don't live in NJ or I would totally take him If you can't find a home for your hedgehog, the International Hedgehog Association lists Lauren Wettarau as running a hedgehog rescue in New Jersey. You can contact her at Hope that helps and good luck!

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    Oh and the Hedgehog Welfare Society offers a form you can fill out to find poential new homes for your hedgehog here at
    On the HWS page they also list another NJ hedgehog rescue run by Shari Vincent in Somers Point. You can contact her at
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    thanks hogaholic & Becca!

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    Oh no problem! Best of luck finding a home for little Caspian!

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    Hi all,
    Just to say that I have some time before I move and I'd much prefer to find caspian a new permanent home myself than to give him to a rescue, so if any one is still interested, let me know

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    Hey not sure if this will help any but I found a site where several people in NJ were looking to give a hedgehog a good home. The ads were posted a month ago so they may have already found hedgehogs but it wouldn't hurt to check them out.

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    oops, note to mike, check dates
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