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Thread: Introducing The Carolina Storm Bucket Wheel

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    Introducing The Carolina Storm Bucket Wheel

    We are proud to now offer the Carolina Storm bucket wheel for $25.00 plus shipping. This custom made bucket wheel is very quiet and easy to clean. It has six height adjustments and can be tilted for desired pitch/angle. The running surface is safe, solid and smooth for a hedgies tender little feet. The wheel now comes in six colors; sparkly blue,lime green,pink, red, blue and sparkly green. Ships within 24 hours after payment is made in most cases.
    The running surface is five and a half inches wide. The diameter of the wheel is ten and half inches. On the lowest possible height setting the wheel is approximately eleven inches tall. On the highest possible height setting the wheel is twelve and half inches tall. The stand is twelve inches wide.
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    Very snazzy!
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    Can we get a side shot to see the running angle?

    And does it still come with the litter pan?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mytheral View Post
    Can we get a side shot to see the running angle?

    And does it still come with the litter pan?
    The angle can be adjusted to where you want it and sorry it does not come with a litter pan.

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    love it! And if you want a litter pan, you can buy a baking tin from the dollar store. They're easy to clean and it's super cheap to replace them when needed.
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    The wheels now come in six colors; Sparkly Blue, Lime Green, Red, Pink, Blue and Sparkly Green.
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    These look very cool! Too bad there is nothing wrong with the wheel we have right now or I think I would def get one.
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    I have been in contact with the manufacter of these buckets and have made a bulk order so now I am able to offer these wheels for $25 each. I'm also trying to find a suitable litter pan to sell with these wheels in the future.

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    Having a sale on bucket wheels, $20 plus shipping while supplies last. Sorry but we only have pink/watermelon in stock for this sale.

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