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Thread: Danger: Ivermectin in Hedgehogs

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    sooo Sushi and Coconut both have mites (vet is 98% sure they came from coconut... who had them before i adopted him) she gave me an oral ivermectin instructions are give .1ml by mouth once every 10days for 4 doses, i havent given any doses yet, was wondering what you guys/girls thought about this? i see most of the "do not use" is for the medicine administered by shots, anyone know if this will be harmful? she gave it to me for free since i got coconut through her, so i would like to use it if you guys dont think it will have side effects in the dosage instructions she gave me?

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    I personally will not use Ivermectin on my hedgehogs orally, topically, or injected.

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    I didnt read all your posts, but I believe ivermectins are pretty BAD! My hedgie after 2nd injection passed away Maybe it wasnt coz of ivermectins but I cant explain what could be reason.
    (btw I gave him to vet when he started to wobbling (I posted here topic about it) and then everything was worse, after 1st injection he stopped wobbling but I saw he isnt healthy - now we have new hedg from other parents - just one week and tonight he started to wobbling too, really dont know whats happend have you some experience with it? (I feed him wet and dry cat food and mealworms and he is about 2months old)
    thanks a lot for your advice

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    What are the temperatures like? Wobbling can be from being too cold.
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    Information on ivermectin toxicity in dogs and treatments
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