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Thread: Rehome in Massachusetts :(

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    Rehome in Massachusetts :(

    Hello, I sadly need to rehome my hedgie, Winston, due to an international move. My husband and I need to move unexpectedly to England and they do not accept foreign animals without rabies vaccination. My vet does not feel it is possible to inject hedgies for rabies as the risks outweigh the benefits. I think it would be best to rehome him rather than having him spend 6 months in quarantine in England (I am not sure the facilities that are mandated to be used can take care of a pet with particular needs such as hedgehogs).

    So I am looking for an experienced and loving home for my little guy. He is a male hedige who just turned two years old (May 10th!). He is VERY friendly for hedgie standards, he has only balled up maybe five times in the two years I have had him. He has bitten three times - once because I deserved it and two other times to other people who were not handling him appropriately (sticking their hands in front of his face). Only once did he draw blood.

    He is a healthy guy who has been to the vet twice for regular appointments and does well while there. No problems adjusting to new foods, although he does have his preferences

    He will come with a critter nation cage complete with several sets of home-made bedding (liners, hedgie sacks, blankets), high quality easy-clean wheel, and food/water dishes. I also have aveeno bath wash, hedgie bath towel, nail clippers, spare sacks, emergency wheel, animal carrier, heat lamp, etc. Bascailly all the supplies I have used to care for him for two years will go with little Winnie. For all this the cost will be $100.

    I will want to know a bit about you and your experience with hedgies, as well as what his living situation will be. I LOVE my pets and I am devastated that I have to rehome my little prince, so I want to make sure he will be in the best situation possible.

    Thanks for reading. Please pass this on if you feel you know someone who would make a good hedgie parent.

    - Crystal

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    Sorry to hear that you are having to move away from your little one! Hopefully someone will be in touch with you that will provide him with a happy home for the rest of his life.

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    Crystal, I sent you a private message about adopting Winston.

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    Just wonderng if he came from a private breeder and if you agreed to return him if you were moving, or alert them to the change od ownership. Its only fair, and if they need to relay info, its first place i check
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