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Thread: Potty Pads?

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    Hiya, I adopted my hedgie when she was 18mths old and was advised by the previous owner to use newspaper in the cage with sawdust in her house for a bed. I swapped the sawdust to fleece, which is cosy and not messy and easily washes. But I found that she would wee and poo on her wheel every night and then the paper would be wet and she would then walk soggy poo all over the cage and the wheel would be absolutely covered!! The smell would hit you when you walked in the room every morning!! Also her little feet seemed sore sometimes. My cavalier puppy had stopped using the pads, so one day i tried them, I cut the pads into 4 and put one under the wheel, it catches all the wee and now the whole rest of the cage stays lovely and clean and the wheel itself stays cleaner with generally just a few solid poos on it!! I throw away the pad every morning and wash the wheel, sometimes if she has been messy eating i take off the top sheet of paper but i only change all the paper once a week. There is almost no smell and her little feet are fine again.

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    My plan is a litter pan under the wheel and the Carefresh outside of that. SHould I put something UNDER the Carefresh?

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