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Thread: Looking for a Baby Male Hedgehog - NE Kansas

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    Looking for a Baby Male Hedgehog - NE Kansas

    After looking through the different threads, and getting some helpful info, I've decided to finally post a want ad for a baby male hedgehog. I have the cage and care supplies I'll need, and I know the local vet will help if need be :3

    I have enough money for the hedgehog, and can pick it up myself, within reasonable distance, which is about the only way cause I won't be able to afford shipping. I'm hoping for something in the lower prices, as at most I will only be able to get $130 (Right now I have $115)

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    Check our breeders listings, we have a few breeders in Kansas and Missouri. Also, check out, we will be having a hedgehogworld show in SW MO in September

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    I checked the breeders here in Kansas, and Hedgehog Valley has none available, Im not sure about Pogstar, I sent an email and have been waiting for a reply. As for Missouri, the furthest I can drive is about 4-5 hours.

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    I'll have babies in about 5 weeks (hedgehogvalley), so if you haven't found one, I should be able to get new ones gender checked and listed in about 2 weeks!

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    Oh coolies ^.w.^ You were the ones I was keeping my eye on the most. I was saving money earlier this month, but when I checked on my birthday, they were all reserved. I'll just keep checking in then :3

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