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Thread: my girl needs a new home

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    my girl needs a new home

    hi all, it's been quite a while since i've been online. unfortunately my current living situation is forcing me to rehome my little girl. Mose is a pinto and about 4 years old. I found her on craigslist, from a lady who bought her at a pet store. Mose is super grumpy and doesn't like to be handled but she LOVES meal worms and watermelon. i have been trying to find a way to keep her but it just doesn't seem possible.
    when i got her she was about a year old, was never socialized and was super anti-social. she's still anti-social but for a while there she seemed to enjoy cuddling.
    i'm really really upset about this and have honestly looked for alternatives but this is my last chance hope that she will find a good home.

    i live in northern virginia. please let me know if you are interested, or know of anyone (even rescue groups!) that would be willing to give mosy a new home.
    i could just bawl right now...

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    How much are you asking for her? I don't have any children. I have one male hedgehog, Harvey. I have two cats and two dogs, but all of Harvey's out of cage time supervised, even in his playpen. I wanted a female to breed with Harvey, but I know that Mose is too old. But I am patient. I have trained both of my dogs and one is a retired therapy dog. So I know about behavior modification. I have time to spend with hedgies but not a lot of money. Please let me know what you think.
    ~Everyone deserves a forever home~

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