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Thread: Differences between Hedgehog breeds

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    Re:Differences between Hedgehog breeds

    So does that mean that people who own hedgehogs can move/take them into Georgia? I live in Virginia, but hopefully I\'ll go to college in Georgia.

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    Re:Differences between Hedgehog breeds

    Sadly, it is illegal to have a pet hedgehog in Georgia. You can get a permit to BREED hedgehogs in GA, but can\'t sell them to pet homes within the state. So no, your hedgehog wouldn\'t be able to go to Georgia with you legally.

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    Re:Differences between Hedgehog breeds

    Hedgehogs and strange laws seem to go hand in hand. :S I still don\'t know what\'s going on with my county: Fairfax County, Virginia and why it decided to be stuffy about hedgehogs in the first place (it looks like they\'ve silently given in).

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    oh no thats horrible to realise that could result from the surge in interest. I actually was begged by a mate to have mine as his mummy rejected him. I hope they dont become some sorrid underground business empire :-(

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    UK hedgehog populations are declining, i'm prtty sure actually they're now protected. I posted a newspaper article i found about that: Making them pets could threaten their survival in the wild.
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    what's the status of Egyptian hogs in the UK?
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    I'm having a hard time understanding why some states find them so bad...
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