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Thread: Pics from Lake Shore (Midwest) Hedgehog Show 2011 :)

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    Pics from Lake Shore (Midwest) Hedgehog Show 2011 :)

    I got my pics posted from the Midwest Hedgehog Show... they are at That link starts out around where I started getting pics of the show itself; the ones earlier in the album are more of the pot luck and hanging out, the ones after it are the show. I had a FABULOUS time and it was SOOOO good to see everyone!! I was so tickled to see the tenrec and Egyptian long eared hedgie in attendance, too (the long eared wanted to come home with me and tried to stow away in my camera case, tee hee...!). Can't say enough how great it was to get to go and hang out and talk (and play with) hedgies all day

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    Awesome, thanks for posting them Tig!

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    Great pics, thanks for sharing!

    Is the long eared hedgie bigger than the AP hedgies? It looks bigger then Pyjama and he is on the larger side.
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    Thanks for posting them Tig! Pinto: yep... he was a bit larger... but not tremendously so... He also tried to get ME to take him out the door too!
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    How wonderful!!! They are all so beautiful...and handsome Thanks for the pics


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    Love the pics! I was sorry to miss the show, I am glad it went so well and everyone had a good time. I love the ribbons!
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    Great pics-thanks
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    I am a bit late in posting but Thanks for the pics Tig! It was SOOOOOO great to meet everyone in person!!! I had SUCH a WONDERFUL time and am so glad that I was able to go! Hope to get there next year again!
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    I agree Jen! Next year 'll wear something with deep pockets...hehe
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    I can't hardly wait til next year!!! You are doing it again, right Becca?? (hint, hint, poke poke!)

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