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Thread: Normal Quill Loss Per Night

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    Normal Quill Loss Per Night

    I'm not sure exactly how old Ralph is but last night before bed I found that he lost about 3 quills and woke up this morning to around 7 more. Is this the normal quill loss for hedgehogs during quilling or could it be something else? Also how long does the quilling process take?

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    Usually they go through their major quilling when they are babies and it is usually over by about 12 weeks, but some do decide to go through another, usually within the first year. They do lose quills like we lose hairs, so to find a few every once in a while is alright and nothing to worry about, but to find a lot every day is usually a sign of stress, mites or illness of some kind. Keep an eye on it and see if it continues.
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    Ya, what she said....... =)

    The 2nd quilling usually comes around 8 months. Sometimes it is noticeable and sometimes not.

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