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Thread: Good Idea?

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    Good Idea?

    hey guys! my hedgie's food is really crunchy and hard so I was wondering if it's a good idea to soak it in water or milk to soften it up?

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    Nah, really crunchy is great on their teeth - it helps keep them clean.
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    I guess but she doesn't like her food crunchy I don't know why hahaha

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    You DEFINITELY don't want to soak it in milk. That would rapidly create a hedgehog with a very unhappy stomach. That being said, I agree with Stasi. Unless there is a medical reason why a hedgehog can't eat the crunchies, I would keep it crunchy to help protect their teeth.

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    try throwing it into the blender and giving it a whirl till it is like bread crumbs. Leave some pieces big and some smaller.

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