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Thread: Breeders in Ontario??

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    Breeders in Ontario??

    Hello!! I am looking for a breeder around the Toronto/Ottawa area who has babies coming after November.

    I did a lot of research and I've decided this is the perfect pet for me, but I'm getting my room completely renovated, switching from carpet to hardwood, and repainting the walls so I don't want to move a hedgie in until everything is done and ready, which wont be until around the beginning to ending of December.

    I am looking to find a breeder that I can get into contact with now, so I can know a little about them and how they treat the newborns, I want to feel confident I'm buying from the right person. I do want my hedgie socialized.

    Thank you

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    not sure on exact location or litter timing but look into Hedgehog Grove and Hedgehogville

    good luck on your search!

    USDA licensed breeder located in MA serving the Northeast Area

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