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Thread: Not quilling

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    Not quilling

    I am new with having a hedgehog, and they're pair too
    Mei turned 6 weeks old last 2 days and Fuu now is 6 weeks old
    I asked the breeder where I bought them if was the quilling always not exact to 6 weeks
    he told me that there are rare times a hedgehog don't quill, is this true?

    1. Is it true that there are times that a hedgehog don't quill at all?
    2. When a hedgehog quills, is it exactly to their 6th week, 9th week, and 12th week?
    3. When a hedgehog is currently quilling, is it okay to play with them or to touch their quills at the back?
    4. Is it okay to scrub the back of a hedgehog with a toothbrush in a oatmeal bath during it's quilling?

    any thoughts would be very helpful, it is my first time to have a pet hedgehog and I was just wondering

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    I have never seen a hedgehog that doesn't quill. If they didn't quill, they would have their newborn baby quills through their whole life. Quilling doesn't always follow the calendar to the day, 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks are an estimate, they usually quill somewhere near that time, but not always on the day. Some hedgehogs tolerate quilling easier than others do. Some are extremely grumpy and miserable, others fly through it like nothing is happening. Keep handling them, even if they are grumpy quillers. If they react ok to having their quills touched, go for it. If it makes them more uncomfortable, then don't touch the quills for a couple of days. If a hedgehog is having a really tough time with quilling, an oatmeal bath can be helpful. I don't typically use the toothbrush to scrub them unless they have a particularly dirty area of quills, and if you do, don't scrub hard, just brush the quills. Serious scrubbing would irritate the already sore skin from quilling. Also, by pair, do you mean a boy and a girl? If so, make sure you keep them in two seperate cages, they cannot live together. If they are both boys, they must be seperated also, if they are both girls, then you may be fine keeping them together.


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    Yes, thank you. I already know about the separating part of the boy and girl to each other but the boy and boy I was wondering too and thank you for telling me that ^_^
    Also, thank you for the information. Until now, I haven't seen them quill yet but I'll be waiting for that time to happen.
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