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Thread: blood on her nose!!!!

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    blood on her nose!!!!

    Okay, so last night Fuu was in this attitued in climbing out of his cage. In fact, Mei was too!!
    So I covered the upper of the cage with a screen wire.
    And earlier this morning, when I checked on them, I saw a blood on the upper part of Fuu's nose!!!
    Man I was shocked and I don't know what to do. I just gave him a foot bath because when I was picking him he was a ball, and so since he had a blood on the upper part of his nose, the blood stained his legs.

    please help me
    Any advise???please help, I'm really worried with my Fuu
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    Bless his heart!! Could he have scratched his nose on the screen???
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    Yeah that's what may have happened
    The screen was not really a wire but it was like a straw or a plastic. I don't know but it's not a metal wire screen.
    I hope he would get better soon, I'm really worried about him.
    Now he's just sleeping on one side of his cage, later I'll buy him much bigger cage and with very small holed wires. I use sterilite cage for them because that's much easier to clean.
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    Hedgehog blood is very thin, so a tiny bit of blood from a scratch gets every and looks like a lot of blood. As long as you don't see any nasty sores or big cuts, I wouldn't worry. Just see if you can find whatever he got cut on and cover the sharp end.

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    Fuu is now okay and his wound is cured
    But the sad part is, the scar is a bit noticeable if you look at it closely.
    But it's okay, he's still cute and adorable as ever^^
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