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Thread: Treats daily or how often?

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    Treats daily or how often?

    Do you give treats daily? If so.. what is the portion? thank you

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    I don't actually give them treat
    to maintain their diet I just give them one spoon at the morning and at night, so that makes it twice a day
    but people are saying they give their hedgies treat of mealworm/superworm(prekilled) 3-5 times a day
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    If you are getting your hedgehog as a baby, make sure it is well established on its base diet before you give a lot of treats. Some hedgehogs can be like cats and dogs and turn their noses up at their regular food if you start out with a lot of treats. Once they have been eating well for a few weeks, then introduce treats and see what they like
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    I started to breed my own mealworms, and now I have them coming out the wazoo! I have WAAY too much for my hedgie and hamster! But what I like to do is feed him 2-3 beetles every 3 days, a Pupa everyother day, and 3-4 random sized mealies a day! I usually put the ealies in with his food bowl, so he gets a surprise every few bites! The pupas I use to lure him out his hut (he likes the extra juicy ones), and I use the beetles for playtime, whenI have him on the floor.... I will drop 1 beetle at a time, and watch him chase it down then start chomping away at it! He's my furrocious little pig!
    I know its a lot of bugs, but I just can't help spoiling my baby! and he runs like his life depends on it!
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    Thank you!!!

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