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Thread: Awkward Question... Male Hedgehog :/

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    Question Awkward Question... Male Hedgehog :/

    Hi! (New here)

    So I have an 8-month-old brown boy hedgehog. He is normally quite sweet, though overall very grumpy and shy. Recently, almost every time I bring him out, he has been leaving behind small amounts of a white substance... I'm aware of what this is, unfortunately, but my problem is that he does it all the time. He also frequently does a pushing motion with his behind and gets pretty aroused, from what I can tell when I lift him up and look at his belly area. It's just not great that he does this so much of the time, he's adorable and cute but he really isn't when he does this. It means that I haven't been taking him out as much to play... is there any way I can limit this kind of behaviour? Obviously it's a very natural thing, but it would be nice if he didn't do it every single time I take him out?


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    He could be hitting puberty, and be acting much like a (sorry guys) teenage boy. Maybe someone else will have another idea.
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    LOL! Yea just like a teanage boy! My samson was doing this EVERY time someone walked in! I actually was showing him off to some co-workers, and what'd you know, he started up! LOL! But He honestly passed that phase and I have not caught him doing that in a long time! I really shoulda kept a closer look to see about what age he stopped!
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