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Thread: Question about beddings.

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    Question about beddings.

    I have two 2month old female hedgies. I used wood shavings for their bedding. As of the moment, their poop are formed (at last, because it is quite hard for me to clean it due to unformed poop) and that's a good thing. Right know, they pee a lot. It made their shaving wetter than before and made me change it every 2 days. Can I just use tissue paper (crumpled or cut into pieces) as beddings for my babies?
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    Tissue paper is not going to work really well. Whatever bedding you use, you will have to clean out the wet areas every day.
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    Check your water bottles to see if you have a slow drip. My other thought is that maybe there is a lot of moisture in the air and that is what is causing your bedding to get so moist so quick. Hedgehogs don't really urinate so much that you should have to clean the cage every 2 days for 2 of them. f they are urinating that much, I would take a sample into the vet. But most likely your water bottle is dripping.

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    It depends on what you're using for the water.
    Do you use dish/bowl? Shavings could get inside the dish/bowl and inn the night when the hedgie is active, your hedgie could spill the water and get the bedding wet, combined with poops and urine, you get beautiful greetings from your hedgie everyday and maybe that brought into a conclusion that it's because your hedgie is urinating too much.
    Do you use bottle?(answer is what HamorHollow said)

    I suggest if you're using a dish/bowl, change to bottle with secure lead.
    If you want to stay with dish/bowl, change it to something that can't be spilled out when your hedgie gets in and out of it.
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    thanks for the replies. im actually using a dish bowl for their water. they pee a lot, especially the females. I usually clean their cage 2-3 times a week but for the male, just once a week.
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    Where's the wet area in your cage? Does it surrounds the dish or not even near from the dish?
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    it's their pee! they pee a lot. good thing their poops are formed already.
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    You can try switching to a more absorbant bedding!
    I currently use newspaper pellets and when mine pees it gets absorbed and a few pellets just sucks up the moisture and gets swollen! Also when he poops it gets dried quickly by the pellets! So when I clean the cage I can just pull out a few pellets with poop stuck on them! Its super easy to clean! so you might wanna try that!?
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    thanks! i'll try to get info how make those newspaper pellets!
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    Samson has the procedure on making that.
    I forgot the link but he have posted it here on one of the threads.
    But you could always do the research on your own..
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