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Thread: Question about beddings.

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    Typically, when people speak of newspaper pellets, they are referring to a product that they purchased that is a pet bedding made out of recycled newspaper. I don't know how or if someone could make pellets from home, I would think it would be pretty time consuming.

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    Yes, it is pretty much time consuming. After you mix it all, you have to let it dry so the papers and plastic would really stick. But there's this disadvantage on paper pellets as bedding, it is dusty and could be dangerous to your hedgie's respiratory and could get to your hedgie's sensitive parts.
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    i'm still using the wood shavings and just scoop those shavings that have the poop and the pees in it. it was less stressful compared to changing all the shavings.
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    23 do you make those pellets?
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    I buy the newspaper pellets, but I do sometimes make a newspaper bedding for my ferrets litter trays! I just mold it in the tray and let it dry out, then I can just switch it out with another one when I am done!

    ( I just checked my old link, and found out it is no longer working, but here is the place I got the idea from! It is basically like paper mache!

    This place also has alot of other COOL pet related DIY projects!
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