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Thread: Color question.

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    Color question.

    We have been having quite some discussion about it but we cant decide what colors Grumpy Spike and Pixie popcorn are.Could anybody here help us with this?

    Here is Spike.

    And this is Pixie.

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    I would guess Spike to be a chocolate, possibly chocolate pinto, since it appears he might have some small pinto spots along his side. Pixie appears to be a chocolate chip. Looks like she doesn't have quite enough white quills to be a chocolate white. Both are cuties. Out of curiosity, how old is Pixie? She looks like a little girl.

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    hmm I'm guessing Spike is Chocolate Pinto and Pixie is Brown Snowflakes.
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    Spike does have a few pinto spots indeed.
    And indeed Pixie is allmost 3 months now(9 october).
    Thanks for claryfing the colors.

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