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Thread: I think she might have cancer.

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    After playing with her outside today--and seeing that her tumor is looking like it did on Tuesday and not like it did yesterday--I couldn't bring myself to do it today. She was so happy and she was sprinting around my backyard for a good 45 minutes before she got tired...after she covered herself in green foam from the grass

    I feel bad that I'm being so wishy-washy when her life is at stake, but she just seemed too happy today. As soon as my sister gets home from work, I'm going to show her how to give Maisey her antibiotic and how to use the syringe to open her mouth and get a good look inside.

    Thank you for your support through all of this. Unfortunately I have to move tomorrow, but if I get a call from my family about her health I'll let you all know.

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    Please read my post, its rachaellyndsey about jaw cancer, its on the front page of heath issues. My jenny had a growth in her mouth, it was removed (with scalpel) and she's lived hapily for 3 months now, and is still happy. She was a non-aggressive cancer, but her mouth growth too almost came out of nowhere, and was huge in maybe 2 days. She'd stopped eating, and had bit it so it was bleeding, but after the operation it's never come back. She has a bump on the outside of her mouth, but its not affecting her. If you can get her to a vet who is willing to remove the growth, then its definately worth it.

    Jenny is on 0.1ml of metacam a day, and my vet swears by it slowing the growth down.

    I don't get on the forums much so if you want to email my its

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    Thank you everyone for caring so much and being so supportive. Unfortunately she died in her sleep last night. My mom found her this morning, and my Dad checked for a pulse. She had been eating and drinking very healthily until the night she died, and even when they looked at her today her tumor didn't look any bigger. They said it looked like she went very peacefully because she was just laying in a nest of bedding under her wheel. I'm glad that I didn't put her through surgery or put her down early because she at least got another month to live her life.

    Thanks again.

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    Sorry for your loss, it's always hard. Sounds like you made the right decisions for her - and that she was happy, healthy, and enjoying that last month of life.
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    I bought a hedgie from a pet shop, but I didn't really go there...they sent her to me through fast courier. They said it's a three months girl. After a week, I realized that a lump appeared on her head which, after 2-3 days blazed. Then, more lumps appeared on her nose in only a week, but the one on the head disappeared. I went to a vet and he said that he doesn't know much about hedgehogs (in my country they are not so spread) and he thought she has cancer. Now, after a month, the lumps from her nose are almost healed. Has anyone experinced something like this with their hedgie? What should I do, because there aren't vets who know about hedgehogs. I only want to be sure if she has cancer or not, because it's strange that she has cancer at only 4 months... I have some pictures with her.

    Thanks !!
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    Has she been scratching a lot ? My first thought when I looked at the pictures was that she may have had an ingrown quill on her head and she scratched at the area and at her nose and made the whole situation 10 times worse. I would try to give her an oatmeal bath and see if that helps at all. Mites and other parasites can also cause itching but it wouldn't explain the lump.

    Is she eating and drinking and otherwise okay?

    I tend to think it is not cancer if the spots are coming and going. To diagnose cancer a vet would usually do a biopsy, not just look at the spot whether it is a hedgehog or another animal
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    She is not scratching at all. And now she does not have anything, not a sore.
    Yes, she is eating and drinking water (a lot). But about the alimentation, she doesn't accept to eat anything else than dry cat food and meat. I tried to give her bananas, apples, carrots, cabbage, lettuce. I hope it is not about the alimentation.
    Thank you for the answer!

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    Ok but have you tried human protein such as boiled white meat chicken as a snack? A lot of hedgehogs do not like vegetables as snacks. My one hedgie loves banana but not the other. I would try the chicken to see.....

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    Don't worry too much if she does not try a lot of different foods-hedgehogs are picky. Just keep trying and you will find something she likes. Favorites here are mealworms. chicken and melons or berries. Introduce new things slowly in case her sores were caused by an allergy.

    It is very good news that all her sores have disappeared
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