Just entered Xavier in the Hedgehog Welfare Society's(HWS) Wheel-a-thon! All money raised goes to the HWS to help hogs in need! Any size donation is OK from $1 to whatever, if you'd like to make a pledge under Xavier's name inbox/pm me or email me at dukencaabb@yahoo.com for details, please!! There are lots of other hogs entered if you'd like to support one of them or if you would just like to make a donation to help hedgies in need send it as a gift via paypal to donations@hedgehogwelfare.org all donations are tax deductable. Deadline to send money is Feb. 15th 2012. I will pledge $2 from each wheel sold from now till the 15th of Feb. to help.

Here is a link to a pic of Xavier warming up for his run lol!