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Thread: Happy Hedgehog Day!!

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    Happy Hedgehog Day!!

    Kevin will be heading out to get her prediction here in a little while - will it be an early spring?

    Hedgehogs were the 'original' predictors of spring, by moonlight - in North America, they didn't have any hedgehogs - so chose the closest thing they could find - being a groundhog.

    Hedgehogs are MUCH more accurate weather predictors - though now we ask them to do it by sunlight!
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    Well, Kevin said she was tired, and would rather give the honor to the next generation - so! Honey went outside to check out whether the weather was going to be heading towards spring, or if we had to worry. She looked to one side, then the other. She walked through the carnations to see if it was hiding there, and came out to declare SPRING IS COMING!!!
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    Yay for Spring Thank Honey for doing the honors
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    Do you know how thrilled I was to find out from the breeder that my baby girl's ACTUAL BIRTHDAY was Hedgehog Day?! Yep, Tess LaRue was born 2-2-12... a true Hedgehog Day Hoglet!!!
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