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Thread: Clarify red skin? Or healthy pink?

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    Clarify red skin? Or healthy pink?

    Hey guys I just recently became a 1st time hedgie owner and have had 10000 of questions. After tons of research I still have a few. My hedgie skin seems very pink, but maybe I just notice his skin more now that the 1st few days because he is more comfortable with me? I noticed him itching a bit last night ( his 5th night with me) I'm thinking he might have dry skin? My question is if anyone has any links or pictures showing healthy skin vs. dry I would really appreciate it. I plan on investing in some vitamin e oil too.


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    dry skin is flaky. Depending on the coloration of your hedgie, the skin can range in colors. vit e is ok, but I prefer to use a wee bit of jojoba oil in the water to soothe dry skin.
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    thanks! ill have to keep an eye out for jojoba oil never heard of it before.

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