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    hi can i give my hedgehog dead or dried meal worms??? i live in nicaragua and i can not bring real ones on the plane and i can not find them here! nor do i really want real worms in my room, what can i do?

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    There are many different treats you can give them. I think there is an article on what you can give them as treats. Do not give the freeze dried or the like, I believe that those are technically unhealthy for them.
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    Yup, there are some good articles on here about treats and food. Freeze dried is okay, it's good fiber, but not as good as fresh (think beef jerky verses a nice juicy steak). I believe the worry with the freeze dried is that they can get a blockage if you give them to much..... but then moderation is key with all treats.
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    okay thank you all so much, also do you know any treats i can make like a mix of stuff?

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    My hedgehog only eats dead bugs but we got my hedgehogs dried crickets.

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    Zoedia is right-a lot of the hedgies do like freeze dried crickets. Don't worry about a mix of treats-just find one of two now that he enjoys. There are treat articles at the top of this forum section that can help you out.
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    There are lots of suggestions for treats in this article...

    My hedgie loooooves cheese (he only gets teeny pieces as a rare treat!), watermelon, and egg. I have tried some other fruits but he wasn't all that keen.
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