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Thread: Help with heat lamp?

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    Question Help with heat lamp?

    This is the 'cage' I've set up for the little guy I'll be adopting soon (I'll be adding metal mesh around the holes):

    I have a heat lamp with a 100 watt heating bulb (no light emission) and a thermostat to keep it at a consistent 75-80 degrees.

    Judging by that photo, how high above the plastic lid should I have the heat lamp to keep the plastic from melting and combusting? I'm very nervous about house fires.

    Long question short: how far away should I keep the heat lamp from flammables like plastic to prevent a fire?


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    Do you mean a 'ceramic heat emitter'? Those are the ones that do not light up, and that is what you want.

    Honestly, they work best with the metal bar cages, and I've never used one with a plastic tote. I think it's going to take some time and re-adjusting to figure it out. Start high and work your way lower. Give it time before you lower it to make sure it isn't going to melt the plastic. I would wait several hours to over night. Also, feel the bottom of the cage to make sure the heat is reaching it.

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    That's what I figured I'd end up doing. I have three weeks to perfect it before I adopt him, anyway. Thanks for your response!

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