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Thread: Hedgies wanted!

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    Hedgies wanted!

    I live in Kansas and need a hedgehog baby fast! We're wanting to get our daughter a hedgie for Easter and we're have no luck at all in finding one. Please help! Thanks

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    There are a couple of good breeders in Kansas that are a part of this forum. However, many breeders tend to have a waiting list, and babies are reserved before they are ready to come home. . Hopefully they will chime in, and let you know when they will have babies available, you may have to get her a cage for Easter, and add a hedgehog afterwards.

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    It's been a super slow winter and my spring babies are just now arriving so I don't have any right now

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    Please keep me posted on when you have some available. Do you have to pay a fee to be on the list? We haven't found anyone else and you're our only hope.

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