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Thread: do hedgei's take to a ball?

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    do hedgei's take to a ball?

    I adopted a 5 month old African Pygmy 3 weeks ago. She lets me pick her up without balling up and I give her a treat, but after that she just wants to get back into her igloo. I bought a large exercise ball for her to go anywhere she wants without getting into trouble, but she just goes in circles inside the ball.
    Will she ever get used to the ball and learn how to use it? I am thinking that she wasn't handled very much in her young life, as she just wants to hide. Am I expecting to much too soon?
    Thank you

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    Hi caretaker-you may be expecting too much too soon-some of them figure it out right away and others, it takes awhile and they just sort of sit there or run in circles. Does she have a wheel? If they have a wheel then some of them figure out a ball quicker
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    CThogs is right, Peppy, my hedgehog took to it strait away, i do know that some friends have had to wait a bit untill they get used to it and start going around. The colour can be a big thing to, if its clear they tend to learn quicker if its coloured such as pink it might take slightley longer but they do normaly come.
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    I have never used a ball for my hedgies, because I was told that they aren't safe for them because of the little holes that they could get their little feet stuck in.
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