Due to various reasons, several of which are big life changes, I need to give my hedgie, Chrissy, up for adoption.

ABOUT CHRISSY: Chrissy is around 2 years old. I can't be exactly sure of her exact age, as her previous owner was not the best and actually knew very little. When I got her, she had mites and, as such, is missing some quills. However, it isn't noticeable (at least in my opinion) unless you're looking for it. She is, of course, now fully cured now and is a happy little hedgie. She hasn't been held as much as I would have liked (one of the many reasons that I'm giving her up is that I'm allergic to her), but when I first got her she warmed up to be very quickly and I wouldn't expect it to be different this time around. She's only ever bitten me once, and it wasn't out of anger; she was licking my finger as though she tasted something good on it and then bit me. XD She is very adventurous but has a good sense of height. Of course, I never let her get very close to actually falling off, because after watching her edge closer to the edge of the couch as though trying decide if she could make the fall, I would usually grab her and put her back near the back of the couch so I could stop having a heart attack every time she moved. XD But the fact that she was edging instead of just walking implies that she realizes how high it is and is being careful. She enjoys walking around the floor although I should warn that she will try to crawl under/into any small space that she can find. This includes behind your back which, obviously, it not the best of feelings. XD

Pic of Chrissy & another one...

A pic of her back, the only area where's it's really noticeable that she's lost some quills.

CAGE & MISC: She comes with her cage. A heat lamp. A thermometer. A California storm wheel. A little tray. Her igloo. A water dish. A food dish. Fleece to cover the bottom of her cage. Whatever food that is left. There's also an optional small/medium aquarium, should you want it; it's her original home (trust me, I'm as horrified as you are) and we've been using it to keep her food in so that our cats don't get it. If you don't want it, that's fine.

IMPORTANT: I do not have a car. This means that if you want to adopt the darling, I need to ask that you come and get her. I apologize for the inconvenience that this may cause. Also, I do not have a carrier for her; when we took her somewhere we used a sturdy-bottomed bag which worked quite well. I live in Evanston, IL within a few blocks of the Main St CTA stop, if you want to Google it and see about where you'd have to go.

CONTACT INFO: I prefer that you contact me through email (my username at gmail) because, for whatever reason, my phone hates forums and it's extremely difficult, if not impossible, for me to post on them from my phone. Since my emails go to my phone, the fastest way to get in contact with me is to shoot me an email. However, if you don't feel comfortable with that I understand, but please let me know that you'd prefer to stay in contact through private messages, because otherwise I'll send you an email.

Chrissy will go to a new home on a first come, first serve basis. By this I mean that whoever can come earliest gets her, instead of just by who emails and/or messages me first. I'm sorry to do it this way but I've had SO many people get in contact with me only to never hear from them again or for them to be all talk and no action. So, if you really want the sweet and adorable darling, you'll want to come and get her ASAP.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't be afraid to leave a comment, message me, or email me. However, as stated, you'll get a faster response via email because I can answer that on my phone.