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    Tiggy loves tomato (without seeds or skin), lettuce, cucumber(the seed bit) kidney bean, chick peas, butter bean (without skin on) sweet corn.

    She hates banana, havent tried any other fruits yet.

    I usualy put some of these vegies in her bowl with some chicken and her dried cat food.

    Is this ok?

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    She should have a bowl of her dried cat food available 24 hours a day. Treats should be fed in a seperate dish, and only in very small quantities. Hedgehog stomachs are only about the size of a large grape, and the majority of what goes into them should be the dry food.

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    Hi thanks for the reply I've put a seperate bowl of dried food in. She eats about a tablespoon or slightly more a day, will put less treats in ... she absoloutly loves tomato!

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    also, she only gets small amounts, for example, 2 pieces of sweetcorn, a teaspoon of chicken sliced into tiny bits, one bean...ect

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