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Thread: Confused, please help

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    Confused, please help

    Hi, this is my first post. My name is Natalie and I live in the UK. I have a 6 month old boy (never mated), and 2 females. Both females have had previous litters (but with a different owner). I would love to breed these little guys.

    Two nights ago I introduced one of my females into the males cage. They circled a bit, hissed a bit, but that was about it! I stayed with them for well over an hour to make sure they didn't fight, and saw no signs that my male was trying to mate my girl. No squeaking that I had heard about, nothing! We left them alone (so I don't know if anything happened). Checked them the next morning, both fast asleep. Cleaned them out last night, between the 2 of them the cage was a mess! Put them back together, but still nothing (that I saw). Both eating and drinking and seem quite happy. They are still together but my boy doesn't seem to know what he has to do

    I am slightly at a loss as what to do! Should I leave them for a couple more days? Take my girl out and after a few days try my other girl?

    Any words of wisdom would be gratefully received!

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    Hi Natalie. They could have mated while you were not there-sometimes they like their privacy If they seem to be getting along, they could stay together a few days. Sometimes a 6 month old boy may not have figured it all out yet-if you hear him squeaking at her, then it means that he has. Keep track of how long they are together so you know when to expect babies.
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    Thank you Ann... It does seem like he just doesn't quite know what to do! Stayed up till 1am last night and heard no squeaking.... but maybe as you say, he is a little shy

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