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Thread: sleeping in the litter box

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    sleeping in the litter box

    HI All,
    A strange new phenomenon the last two days...
    I changed out my hedgie's litter pan with new litter, washed the pan,
    ....and now he likes to hang out in it.
    Do they regularly do this?

    There are poops in the litterbox, but more-so randomly around his house/cage.
    He's been eating and drinking, and up and about. was kinda friendly the other day, now is back in his gumpyness.

    I noticed he hasn't been running his wheel. (no poop smudges)
    I've had him a week and a half. He's 2.5 years old.

    thoughts or advice?


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    Yes-that is pretty normal. Some of them do not get litter training or think a box can be a nice place to sleep If there is a place he seems to go regularly, you can put the litter box there and see if he uses it. Did he have a wheel previously? If not, he may not know what it is for. They all usually figure that out pretty quickly.
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