View Poll Results: Is your hedgehog litter trained?

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  • Yes-always uses a litter box

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  • Yes-uses a litter box but also uses the wheel

    4 28.57%
  • Sort of-sometimes uses a litter box

    2 14.29%
  • No-I tried a litter box but my hedgehog doesn't use it

    3 21.43%
  • I never tried litter training my hedgehog

    5 35.71%
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Thread: Litter training

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    Question Litter training

    Is your hedgehog litter trained? Share your successes or failures here
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    I answered "sort of, sometimes uses the wheel" because I don't actually have a littler box, just paper towels under his wheel every night as he only ever goes under or on the wheel so it is dead easy clean up in the morning. I didn't train him either, he just does it on his own. I guess I am lucky to have such a tidy h'hog
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    Muffin doesnt have a litter box too, but pooing just to one corner in cage where cat sand is (in wheel of course too and last few weeks Im taking him to garden in the same time, about 4PM and my good little boy start to poo in 5minutes everyday to grass Maybe he just knows that I will get back him to cage after it so I cant wait a long time for his poo

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    She has a litter box under her wheel and I always try to relocate her poop from her wheel to the box (which is what I've been told to do) but she still only ever goes on her wheel. I'd love for her to be litter trained, any advice?

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    Avy seems to have forgotten to use the litter box, lately he is starting to go somewhere else in hes cage. I can not find it just smell it. I guess he bury it somewhere.

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    Before he was having tummy issues, Milo would poo off the side of his wheel. I would hear the wheel slow down and stop, and in the morning, there would be a poo pile in the litter box, smack in the middle of the wheel.
    Now he poos wherever and hides it, but I'm just happy that he's going.

    In the beginning, when I saw it or when he was going on me, I would put it or him in the litter box. When he goes in it, I make a big deal and tell him that he's the King of Poopers and the best boy ever. I'd like to think that it helps...

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    Alice prefers to use her litter tray to dig in, so i Just use it as a little sand pit to hide meal worm for her to find now. She loves it
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