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Thread: what color?

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    what color?

    the breeder said shes a cinnacot....i thought she was a WB but iv been told now shes an Algerian.what do you think? i some what new to hedgies so im not too experienced with colors id.she is quillling and i know she could change a bit but im still wondering.sorry if the pics are too big.

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    Welcome! She's a cutie! I'd go with wb cinnacot also. Some people say that if there are cheek patches of color, that makes them Alg - but that's not always the case in the lighter colors. Her eye color being ruby (at least it looks like it) pretty much cinches it for me.
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    im leaning more twords Algerian champagne now that iv had a few opinions and an expert give his opinion.heres my other post link if u would like to see.

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    She looks just like my baby hedgehog! He is 3 weeks though and doesn't have ruby eyes.
    Looks like a champagne to me.

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    When I was trained for judging (around 1997?), that quill coat would have been called cinnacot. With the red eyes, you know that it's got dominant white bellied traits. WB hedgies in champagne have pink noses, while that one's nose is liver, which makes me also say cinnacot. An algerian cinnacot usually has darker skin, and deeper (not pastel) color to the quill bands. Looking around, I see pictures like your hedgie being called champagne, but what was originally called a champagne had the big part of the quill banding in the more orangey color and the faint outlines in the light brown. And, an apricot had no brown in the banding at all. I'm not sure the definition ever changed, so maybe peoples' perceptions of colors have drifted, due to their being fewer light colored hedgies out there?

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    Color is often times in the eye of the beholder lol.

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