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    Unhappy Dry skin...

    I went to clean Hubert's cage and there were a lot, I mean like covered the whole cage, of skin flakes or something. I'm worried that his skin is dry or something. But I don't know if I should worry, or if I should find some sort of shampoo or something. I'm just not sure what to do.
    Thanks in advance.
    -Matraisa & Hubert

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    I would get him to the vet and ask for advice- there are a lot of different things that can cause dry skin, and mites is a big one. If he has mites, you'll want prescription treatment.

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    I checked for mites, he doesn't have them.
    -Matraisa & Hubert

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    You can try a bath with a couple of drops of olive oil and see if that helps if you don't think it is mites. Hedgehogs are prone to dry skin so it is not a huge worry unless they are scratching and uncomfortable.
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    Could he be quilling? I know when Reia was quilling, she had horrible dry skin. I would make sure it's not mites first, as Ann said. I was using organic flax seed oil for Reia after baths, a few drops down the center of her back, and that seemed to help her.
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    For dead dry skin I ground up some oat meal in a blender and ad water and make a paste and put it on there backs and then rinse. It seems to help a lot. Also I heard vitamin E oil on the back helps a lot too. God bless!!

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    My breeder gave us coconut oil I think it is

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    I noticed my hedgies had been itching a lot recently I heard tell of a rumor about an oatmeal bath. I decided it was worth a try. So I took regular flavored oatmeal, poured it into an old, clean sock of one of my kids and squished it until a cloudy liquid was coming out of it (the cloudy liquid looked like watered down glue). I was quite surprised to find that their itching has nearly stopped and their skin looks better than it ever has.

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    Aveeno sells oatmeal bath powder that you can use for your hedgie; I have used it with success on my hedgehogs. You just add the powder to the water and then pour it over the hedgie and it comforts the skin.

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