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Thread: Follow @buckleyhedgehog on Instagram! :3

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    Cool Follow @buckleyhedgehog on Instagram! :3

    For those of you who love cute hedgie photos like I do, you can now keep up with my sweet little boy's life by following him on Instagram!
    You'll get to see all of the cute, funny things that Buckley gets into. I make sure to post one or two photos a day & I PROMISE none of them will ever be boring.
    Feel free to check out his page and tell us what you think. I always respond to questions or comments when you address him by name.
    He'll appreciate your love and support. <3
    Please follow him now!

    His username is: buckleyhedgehog

    PS: We just made his account 4 days ago and he's already at 125 followers!
    Thanks so much. :]

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