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    Question IAMS cat food

    Hi there, I bought some IAMS cat biscuites for hedgie, found out that IAMS causes fatty liver disease, so went back to the shop and bought Hills Science plan chicken adult cat biscuites, got home and saw it contains fish oil, cant get to the shop until tomorow,

    I bought Hills science plan cat biscuites after reading they were fine for hedgies online...

    Which brands are ok?

    She loves baby food as a treat and chicken, I'm at a loss with what to do for her dried food though.

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    Which brands are ok?
    There are a lot of brands that are fine for hedgehogs. Some of the Iams and hills products may be okay for a hedgehog, I haven't looked at them in awhile so I'm not sure. I do like the purina brands and the hedgehogs do well on them. I don't think you can say that a specific product line like Iams or Hills or a specific ingredient like fish oil will definitely cause a problem-that is just too broad a statement to make

    Whatever brands you look at, you want a small kibble size, generally around 30% protein and 15% fat or less, avoid preservatives like BHA, BHT and Ethoxyquin.

    Usually a mix of 2-3 foods is good because hedgehogs can be picky and you do not want to limit them to one food in case you can't get that food some day. Also a mix of foods will give them a wider variety of nutrition.
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    thanks i'll write this down and have got a purina light chicken cat food, will have to find another one to mix with it, i wish there was african pygmy hedgehog mix that you could buy in the pet shops in the uk!

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    have been trying to contact my friend who gave her to me to find out the brand of food shes been eatting for the last year, i threw the bag away because it was going stale and thought it would be so easy and simple to just replace it at the shop...not lol

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