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Thread: In need of 2 USED wheels

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    Smile In need of 2 USED wheels

    We recently rescued 2 beautiful hedgehogs (unplanned) and now we have 2 blessed suprises, the female was pregnant so we have wonderful babies but with that came 2 more unplanned costs. we are looking for 2 carolina storm wheels that need a new home-ours! with these 4 unplanned blessings came 4 unplanned costs, housing, lighting, toys, igloos, heating ect. We love these guys already and want to make sure they are happy , healthy and have lots of fun time wheeling away all night! So if anyone has any used wheels to sell PLEASE let us know right away. Thanks much .

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    Can you let us know what state you are in? There may be someone close by who could help and save shipping costs
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    I have an old wheel that I was using for Reia before I got the Carolina Storm Wheel. I wouldn't mind donating that if you can't find anything? It's a flat bottom, no holes.

    That's the one I have, as I said, I would be willing to donate it, free of charge, if you're interested.
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