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Thread: Clipping Nails- Help!

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    Exclamation Clipping Nails- Help!

    so a couple weeks ago i got my first hedgie Jasper. i love him so much!
    but he hasnt quite warmed up to me fully yet. when i first got him the guy who i bought him from said his nails havent been clipped in a while so i should do that soon, but i dont think he'll let me.
    im worried that if i dont clip them soon they could grow into his paws. what should i do?
    is there any place that would do it form me in toronto?

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    Check out this old thread...
    Stasi suggests using a cooling tray

    It is quite easy to trim the nails once you are used to it, I used to trim my hedgies nails about one a week and he soon got used to the drill of eating some treats while I went over each foot. The back feet where way easier than his fronts though. Good luck!
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