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Thread: teething hedgie

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    teething hedgie

    my baby hedgie seems to be teething. she hasn't bitten me only twice becasue she was scared and she thought i had food on my hands. anyway she loves to bit a chair and i let her cause it keeps her from bitting anything else. Plus she is still a baby so her teeth might be hurting her. Ill tell her "No" and she usually listens. I was gonna get her some type of toy to chew on. I was considering diving rings for like a pool or i saw online these fabric diving rings. I was thinking a piece of wood but she cant have that. And im pretty sure they dont have apsen wood at home depot anyone else going through this? Any suggestions? thanks
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    Are you sure she isn't trying to annoint with the chair? My lil guy used to chew on things to make enough foam to annoint, so gross!!! I always kept a close eye when it was fabric cause he did manage to get a tooth caught in the webbing of my backpack strap once. But in general I really discouraged it cause it made such a mess.
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    It is more likely that she liked the smell of whatever she was chewing on. Hedgehogs will do that at any age.

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